Charities wanting to instantly collect donations via phone, fax, email or in person should order ChecksNet . Contributors can pay you using their checking, savings, trust ... even their credit card cash advance checks. You type in the info and ChecksNet makes a legal bank draft that you deposit immediately just like checks.

"We use this [ChecksNet] to accept online donations from checking/savings accounts for our international disaster response charity...we tried other softwares that were donated to us and have always come back to ChecksNet." Christopher Hodgdon, Southern Search & Rescue, Rockwall, TX October 2003

If your organization has a website and would like to be able to accept check/draft payments, you should order the ChecksNet OPS System. We do all the work. You'll have an Online Payment System in minutes. We create your customized online payment page, provide secure (SSL) web hosting and configure everything so your payments flow seamlessly from website to ChecksNet on your computer. Pop-ups alert you that new payment(s) have arrived. All you do is click PRINT and you have a finished bank draft that you can deposit immediately, just like any standard check.

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