Is there a way to guarantee payment on a bank draft?

Yes. For starters, ChecksNet includes a built-in BANK VALIDATOR. If someone tries to give you a bogus bank routing code for any USA bank or someone makes a mistake while typing one into the software, ChecksNet instantly detects it and a window pops up.

Secondly, there are other companies that will guarantee payment on all the bank drafts you process for less than the cost of taking credit cards. ChecksNet includes information on these services.

ChecksNet also includes tips on how to get all your money for "bad drafts" (stop payments or insufficient funds) without having to pay one penny to an outside service or collection agency.

Banks Database. In 2001 we added a feature which gives you access to banks and credit unions across America and Canada. We supply the toll-free and direct phone numbers where you can verify account information and funds BEFORE you process a bank draft from your customer(s). Because banks frequently change phone numbers and services, we update the database monthly.

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