are what you use to pay YOUR bills.

Bank Drafts are what you create to collect money from others.

To make a check, enter ALL data into 1 window that looks like a normal check.
Click SAVE, click PRINT icon from top toolbar.
Start to finish: 38 seconds.
Required fields are numbered 1-5 in photo below. All other fields are optional:

To avoid confusion, ChecksNet maintains separate databases for Checks and Drafts:

When ChecksNet opens,
click the button for whichever you want to enter, edit or print.

Foolproof. Bubble Help appears next to fields as you mouseover.
If you forget a required field or enter "bad" data, popups appear.

To make a bank draft, fill 2 additional fields: PayTo___ and $___.
Pre-authorized Draft
is automatically printed on signature line when making bank drafts.
Print the bank drafts & deposit them at YOUR bank or credit union. or credit union., just like normal checks.

Most people use ChecksNet to create bank drafts, so Drafts window appears when you open the software.

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