Where do I get ChecksForms?

You get some FREE with the software kit. It's an assortment of ChecksForms to create your first checks and/or drafts inside the software box.

Until we have retailers carrying ALL the styles and colors, we ship them direct to you. Normal delivery is UPS Ground,however we can ship them faster at your request.

Most people start with 1 or 2 packs of wallet or business-size when they buy the software. Intuit (Quicken & QuickBooks) charges $47.95 + 7.50 for 6 day delivery of 250 checks. This equals 22 a check for pre-printed checks from Quicken. Microsoft charges up to 2pennies each for their checks to use with their Money software.

So, at 3 a check, you save a fortune with ChecksNet. Note: We only sell ChecksForms to registered licensees of our software. You can register your copy at this website and then immediately order supplies.

NOTE: Our ChecksForms are printed on 24 pound paper as specified by the American Bankers Association.

SECURITY NOTE: Many expensive pre-printed checks can be "washed." This is what criminals do to erase information so they can forge a check. If you print your checks using your laser or inkject printer and our ChecksForms THEY CAN NOT BE WASHED BY CRIMINALS.

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