Will ChecksNet work with MY accounting software?

ChecksNet works with ANY accounting software that uses letter-size sheets of checks. Software includes pre-made layouts for Quicken, QuickBooks, Money, Simply Money, Peachtree and Managing Your Money. You can make wallet-size or business-size checks.

ChecksNet also let you feed single checks through most printers in the landscape (sideways) mode. You can also make 1-per-page checks in the top, center or bottom 1/3 of the page. These are called voucher checks. With ChecksNet you can use the "Fast Check" mode to make complete checks instantly.

ChecksNet can even sign for you (by importing a signature in a variety of graphic formats).

ChecksNet doesn't keep your balance or do accounting (maybe in future versions). However, the Professional Edition does generate Quick Reports that can tell you how many checks you've made or the dollar total of bank drafts you printed.

You can make a COMPLETE check or bank draft in ONE PASS. Or you can use other software like Quicken or Money to do your bookkeeping, you run the paper through your printer a second time to complete the PAY TO and dollar amounts on the checks.

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