Health clubs and fitness centers can collect monthly fees from members automatically or via phone, fax & email using ChecksNet. Members pay you with their checking, savings, money market or trust account. They can also use cash advance checks that come with credit cards. Simply type member info into ChecksNet. Print bank drafts and deposit immediately at YOUR bank or credit union. or credit union., just like checks. Once a member is in ChecksNet database, print additional drafts any time you choose.

Curves Fitness Centers, world's largest fitness franchise (9,000+ locations in USA, Canada, Europe & Mexico) are using ChecksNet Software. Their franchise package comes with software for doing check drafts. However, franchisees are charged for each bank drafts and their software has limits. ChecksNet allows Curves franchisees to print bank drafts whenever they want, saves $hundreds a year on draft printing fees, and let's you print draft payments forl other products & services you want to sell. See how ChecksNet compares to Go Figure Software.

As one Curves franchisee told us "ChecksNet also allows you the flexibility to create bank drafts on demand for the first visit (service fee and 1st month) or product purchases!" Unlike Go Figure software, ChecksNet lets you print drafts BEFORE the due date.

ChecksNet is also used by other nationally recognized fitness centers including:

Body Design

Go Figure
Gold Group
Health Systems
It Figures
Keepin' The Pace
Pace Fitness Zone

We can supply YOU with ChecksNet Software, or a complete package including laser printer & magnetic toner, which is a popular choice of Curves franchisees. If your club already has a laser printer, simply order ChecksNet Software. We can supply magnetic toner cartridges for almost any laser printer if your bank advises printing only magnetically encoded checks and drafts.

If you have any questions, Phone 213-394-9358 or email us at your convenience.

If your fitness business has a website and would like to be able to accept check/draft payments, you should order the ChecksNet OPS System. We do all the work. You'll have an Online Payment System in minutes. We create your customized online payment page, provide secure (SSL) web hosting and configure everything so your payments flow seamlessly from website to Checksnet on your computer. Pop-ups alert you that new payment(s) have arrived. All you do is click PRINT and you have a finished bank draft that you can deposit immediately, just like any standard check.

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