Malls can collect money from customers by phone, fax, email or website using ChecksNet .

ChecksNet can improve your cash flow. BrandSuperMall lets customers pay in advance by ChecksNet. Aside from eliminating credit card processing fees and delays, over 70 MILLION more Americans with bank accounts but no credit cards, can now make purchases instantly. If you'd like to speak with this business owner in Florida, contact Bruce Knudson by email or call (239) 945-4673.

If you have a website and would like to be able to accept check/draft payments, you can upgrade to ChecksNet OPS which includes custom made website order page and other features that lets your customers make payments so that you simply open the ChecksNet on your PC and print the bank drafts which are instantly ready for depositt at your bank or credit union.

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ChecksNet versions run in
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