OPS: Online Payment System
all ChecksNet features PLUS...
  • Turnkey package ... No setup fees, merchant fees, monthly fees, hosting fees or special bank accounts
  • Install ChecksNet and in less than 60 seconds, you're ready to receive secure online payments.
  • Pop-up alert says "you have payments" ... open ChecksNet, click PRINT, deposit drafts like normal checks.
  • At end of your day, click DEPOSIT and ChecksNet creates entire deposit slip with $ total & itemized list.
  • Your own customized online payment page that looks like what you see below:

Your online payment system also includes:

  • Hosting of your online payment page for one full year with the same reliable hosting service we use every day.
  • Secure SSL Certification to instill maximum confidence to your clients (https://)
  • Validation scripts built into the payment page to avoid incorrect or missing data
  • Auto-response email sent to your clients when they click SEND PAYMENT. Your customized message included.
  • Free POP3 email address pre-configured to send encoded online payments to your computer. You can also have a copy sent as a text message to your cellphone or another email address of your choice.
  • 100% SECURITY for your customers. Not 1 ChecksNet online payment has been lost or stolen in over 21 years of use because NO CUSTOMER BANK DATA remains on a host server.
  • 90 Days of free Tech Support available by email 24/7
  • Emergency Phone Support. 10 minutes for 90 days, Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM Pacific Time. (excluding holidays)
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