Toner Cartridge Recycling Label
Get up to $15 in merchandise credit for EACH laser cartridge.
Recycle value depends on type of cartridge, condition and market value at time of receipt.

We recycle ONLY cartridges appearing on this website that are
regular black or MICR toner (not yellow, cyan or magenta toner).

We DO NOT recycle ANY inkjet (liquid ink) cartridges

1. Use label below. Pack in a corrugated box (not plastic bag) with protective bubble-wrap,packing beans or kraft paper filler.
Cartridge(s) need protective material. Otherwise they are easily damaged during shipping, resulting in $0 recycle value.
2.Ship via FedEx, UPS or post office. DO NOT ship freight collect (COD) or package is refused.
We DO NOT pay for shipping because we don't know recycle value until we receive cartridge(s).

We email you within 1 business day after receipt. Email shows your merchandise credit.
Recycle credit is good for thirty days from issue date.
We automatically deduct credit from a new order (not prior orders)
and confirm deduction when we email tracking # of your new order.

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Glenn Welt's
ChecksNet Recycling
342 Island Reef Ave
Henderson NV 89012-5471 USA


Thank you for helping OUR planet.

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