Some of our competitors advertise their check/draft software as "Rated #1" by banks.
Banks and credit unions actually purchase ChecksNet and have been happily using it
for years because, it's easy to use &
instantly collects payments from your customers by phone, fax, email or website.

Your customers can pay using their checking, savings, trust ... even their credit card cash advance checks. ChecksNet creates bank drafts that you deposit immediately JUST LIKE CHECKS.
Banks and credit unions can also print blank checks for their customers.

"ChecksNet is and will continue to be an asset to our collection department." Bernice Coates, Citizens State Bank, TX, June 2002

"We're into our 2nd month of using the ChecksNet, and we think it's terrific! ..." Jacki Kuepker, University of Iowa Community Credit Union , may 2002.
March 2005 Update: UICCU upgraded to ChecksNet Small Network so more people on their staff can collect $$$.

In 2003, Hancock Bank chose ChecksNet Pro Network Edition to use at their headquarters and their 104 branches primarily for New Accounts. New customers can quickly have their money transferred from their former bank(s) via bank drafts made with ChecksNet. Using the combination of ChecksNet & , Hancock is also able to centralize New Account information into one database.

The Dime Bank has been using ChecksNet for over 5 years and recently upgraded ChecksNet 10.

These are just a few examples of ChecksNet being a valuable tool at banks & credit unions.

NEW! Your bank can open new accounts by phone. No matter how many offices or sales people you have, you only need to purchase ONE copy of ChecksNet. Create a system that lets an unlimited number of personnel feed data via the internet or your intranet. Go to Open New Bank Accounts for details.

If your bank has a website and would like to be able to accept check/draft payments, you should order the ChecksNet OPS System. We do all the work. You'll have an Online Payment System in minutes. We create your customized online payment page, provide secure (SSL) web hosting and configure everything so your payments flow seamlessly from website to ChecksNet on your computer. Pop-ups alert you that new payment(s) have arrived. All you do is click PRINT and you have a finished bank draft that you can deposit immediately, just like any standard check.

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