What is e-commerce?

E-commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. This term is used to describe any person or business selling products or services on the internet. Selling on the internet means you need a way to receive payments from your customers. ChecksNet provides a solution which is faster, less expensive and easier than accepting credit cards. It also gives you access to over 70 million more American customers who have bank accounts but do not have credit cards. It does all this by including a pre-made website order form that gathers customer bank information and instantly transmits the encoded data to you by email. ChecksNet automatically decodes the data and prints a bank draft .. all in under 7 seconds without you having to type one word.

Bank drafts are 100% legal. They look exactly like checks, except for the signature line. You don't sign bank drafts. ChecksNet imprints This draft pre-authorized by your accountholder on the signature line. You deposit drafts just like checks. No waiting, no merchant fees, no transaction fees or additional fees of any kind.

Insurance companies started using bank drafts in the 1920's. Today you can pay your Nevada Power or AT&T VISA bill by simply giving your account information by phone. Drafts are a normal way of life today. This is one reason why the Federal Reserve System recommends bank drafts to service the 70 Million plus Americans who don't have credit cards.

All you need to have your own e-commerce website is ChecksNet and a host site. If you don't have a web hosting service or want a great one click the image below:

We suggest purchasing our Software which includes EVERYTHING you need to conduct 100% free e-commerce.

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