Our MICR cartridges contain more MICR toner than any other supplier
    and ™ MICR cartridges save you money & time.                                                
Our competitors make huge profits because they rarely fill cartridges above 1/3 capacity. Some competitor MICR flakes off check paper, MICR smears and will NOT scan when bank tested because magnetic content is incorrect. Instead of selling you a 2/3 empty shell, we offer cartridges with exclusive Max-Fill™ and Max-Filled™. For less than the cost of 2, you receive MICR toner of up to 6 cartridges. You also eliminate hassles of buying & changing cartridges. BONUS: Our MICR toner CAN print like regular toner.

Please recycle. We pay up to $20 refund or credit for each empty cartridge.
We pay the most $$$ for recycling empties. Model & condition determine value.

WARNING: We've heard from many people who purchased MICR cartridges from other sources, only to after complaints from their bank, that the toner is NOT READABLE by bank scanners. As in most industries, there is good and bad MICR toner. We test every batch with our MICR reader and at our bank. We can't afford mistakes because we supply accountants, attorneys, banks, businesses, credit unions, government agencies and police & we ship worldwide.

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