Assure payment of checks or bank drafts
without paying ANY transaction fees using
Banks Database™

  • Verify funds availability on check or bank drafts
  • Verify account information (to avoid fraud and correct account number errors)
  • Includes banks & credit unions across the USA (and Canada)
  • Cross-reference bank routing codes with bank or credit union names & locations
  • NEW: Includes bank mergers, takeovers & bank closings by FDIC
We created our Banks Database™ after being stuck with worthless checks and bank drafts. Check guarantee services were either too costly or required too much paperwork. As we began contacting banks directly, we discovered a number of other benefits by using this database. Verifying customer addresses helps avoid shipping merchandise to thieves. Banks help correct typing errors by customers and staff. Now you can enjoy these time & money-saving benefits.

Better than the Federal Reserve List. The fed Participation List does not include correct phone numbers for many banks or any toll-free 800 numbers. Example: Their listing for Bank of America in Nevada is a phone number in Seattle, Washington. Our Banks Database™ gives you the nationwide toll-free number for Bank of America that provides automated account verification 24/7. The fed database is also missing most credit union listings and NONE of their listings mention what account information you can obtain.

Better than databases charging $5,000 a year. ChecksNet™ subscribers informed us that even the most expensive databases don't include the valuable information we provide.

Better than electronic verification services. As a test, Paybyweb sent 6,732 transactions to a popular automated service that verifies bank accounts. The 6,732 transactions totaled $346,556.22 in face value. The automated service found 38 "bad accounts" (closed or fraudulent) which saved the merchant from a potential $1,794.36 loss, assuming the 38 checks or drafts had bounced. Now get ready for a shock. Paybyweb people phoned the banks for the same 6,732 customers. They discovered 719 "bad accounts" valued at $33,183.06 plus 957 accounts that had insufficient funds or uncollected funds (worth $48,752.97) AND they corrected the account numbers for an additional 367 accounts valued at $17,075.75 which would bounce without the corrections they made. Bottom Line: Phoning banks avoided potential losses of $99,011.78 or 28% vs. $1,794.36 caught by the electronic verification service.

Better than phone verification services.
How much is a minute of your time worth? Companies like Paybyweb will do it for $1.25 per phone call. You won't get the information immediately unless you pay additional charges. In case you're curious, Paybyweb will also convert a faxed check to a bank draft for you. Their fee for this is $1.75 plus cost of delivering the bank draft(s) to you. Compare this to instantly printing your own drafts for pennies each with ChecksNet.

Better than losing customers after obtaining WRONG information. Certegy is a large check verification service used by major retailers including Best Buy, Macy's, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, Staples, T J Max, Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, Albertson's,, Verizon and Walgreens. Go to Complaints Board and read page after page of consumer complaints from victims of Certegy providing inaccurate information. The complaints span years and include information about a class action lawsuit filed 8/14/07 against Certegy in federal court. by the law firm of Girard Gibbs LLP.

Collection agencies have purchased ChecksNet™ just for access to our database. We even include extra numbers you press after dialing an 800# so you won't waste time listening to all the voice prompts. If a bank offers a toll-free number and direct number, we give you both. If there's anything unusual about information a bank will or won't verify, we tell you. Banks merge, change phone numbers and services offered, so we update the database monthly. All this at NO extra charge
to you.

Subscription gives you access to the entire Banks Database™ 24/7 for one year.

ChecksNet users have easy access anytime by simply clicking the Banks Database™ icon from the ChecksNet Software Main Window.

If you do not have 24/7 internet access (DSL, cable,etc.) you can save all the Banks Database™ webpages to your hard drive and update them anytime you choose.


Built-in search engine cross-references over 29,400
and routing codes for banks and credit unions.
Routing codes are the most important part of any check or bank draft.
One wrong digit and the check or draft will bounce.
NEW: Includes bank mergers, takeovers & FDIC closings

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Table below includes OLD SAMPLE (not current) LISTINGS from our exclusive Banks Database™ :
We update the REAL pages monthly due to rapid changes in the banking industry.

Banks Database™ pages provided as service to ChecksNet Software™ customers.
Please report any errors, changes or additions you discover by Email .
We want to keep this page as accurate as possible for all users. Thank you.

*Services: A =Automated (Computer), P =Person, N/A =Won't give out info,
$ =Verified funds only, ? =Verifies account information only,
# Only = Verifies account number only
$ = Bank charges $ for each phone call
Note: Extra numbers after an 800# number indicate the "Press 1, Press ... " kind of numbers
you press AFTER dialing the phone number (to avoid recorded voice prompts).

Click links to bank & credit union names beginning with the letters:

Bank/Credit Union Name State(s) Toll-Free Number aa Direct Number Hours Services*

1st Advantage VA 757.877.2444,0 P

1st Bank CO 303.274.5000,3 24/7 A

1st Entertainment
Credit Union
CA 323.851.3673 P

1st State Bank WV 304.736.5271 P

Abington Savings Bank MA 781.383.3206 P

Alaska USA
Federal Credit Union
AK,WA 907.277.5577 P

Allentown Teachers
Credit Union
PA 610.435.0601 P

Allfirst Bank MD, PA, DE, VA    800.533.4630 M-F:8a-8p; Sat:9a-3p P

Alliance Bank TX 903.885.2187 P

Allied Pilots Assoc
Federal Credit Union
TX 817.302.2272 P

Altamaha Bank GA 912.537.9452 P

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