Financial Advisors can collect money from clients by phone, fax, email or predetermined fee scheduling. Clients can pay you using checking, savings, trust ... even their credit card cash advance checks. You take their information and ChecksNet Professional turns it into bank drafts that you deposit immediately, just like checks. You can also make pre-printed checks for your clients (checks they sign) using ChecksNet.

ChecksNet can provide instant funding. If you'd like to speak with a advisor who uses ChecksNet, contact Edwin Abreu by email or call (845) 371-2339.

ChecksNet is used by financial advisors all across America. However, we don't post names & phone numbers on the internet without their permission.

If you have a website and would like to be able to accept check/draft payments, you should order the combination of ChecksNet and Deluxe. creates an entire order page (like ours) or add ChecksNet processing to your existing web page. It also saves you time and typing because ChecksNet receives the data automatically. All you do is click PRINT and you have a finished bank draft that you can deposit immediately, just like any standard check.

Save $20 if you purchase ChecksNet & at the same time by ordering the combo.

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