Criminal Alerts !

We receive numerous orders from thieves because our software and supplies make checks and bank drafts. Therefore, we carefully verify bank and ID inforrmation on new customers BEFORE we deliver. We do this to protect people and businesses from becoming victims of financial crimes and ID theft through the misuse of ChecksNet Software, ChecksForms or printers with CheckToner MICR (magnetic) toner cartridges. Criminals have used our CheckToner MICR cartridges to print checks and then returned used cartridges (sometimes completely empty) to us in their attempt to get a refund. We also track all downloads of our software to prevent illegal use by unlicensed individuals or businesses.

ATTENTION CRIMINALS: We work with law enforcement to set up "stings" to help catch YOU !
We've assisted local police, state agencies, Secret Service, F.B.I. & I.R.S. in capture & conviction.

Congratulations to the LAPD for arresting 2 suspects within 8 hours after we reported an illegal transaction.

Why criminals target ChecksNet

Our products have been sold worldwide through many major retailers so we're easy to find. Our products and clients makes us as attractive to criminals as we are to legitimate banks, businesses and government agencies.

How we catch criminals using stolen bank information

Thanks in part to criminals, we developed our Banks Database which allows us to verify funds & other account information in the USA and Canada. Criminals may think the Privacy Act will stop us from verifying account information. However, we CAN obtain the information by using our database. When we detect fraud we inform the bank and contact appropriate law enforcement agencies. In many cases, we successfully locate the victim of Identity theft to inform them and help catch the suspect(s).

We catch criminals who used our CheckToner MICR cartridges

All our CheckToner MICR cartridges are marked several ways for identification and specially packaged so we can detect any tampering,
We do not offer refunds on any opened or used toner cartridges.

We post names, phone numbers email addresses and other information about suspects for 4 reasons:

1. Search engines will index the names & other information which may lead to their arrest.
2. Law enforcement agents may recognize one or more names which can help solve a case.
3. Criminals will see this before attempting to purchase ChecksNet using stolen ID and/or bank information.
4. Internet & email service providers may see this and suspend service to the person(s) behind the email addresses.

NOTICE TO BANKS & CREDIT UNIONS: We report incidents where someone attempts to place an order using ID that does not match bank account information. We appreciate your cooperation when we call to verify funds & account information.

NOTICE TO ALL BUSINESSES: Do not trust cellphone numbers as positive ID. Cellular number & persons name can be ported (moved to another cellphone) without the immediate knowledge of the real owner. If you rely on caller ID, insist on contacting your customer ONLY at their home or verifiable place of employment.

NOTICE TO CRIMINALS: On 7/15/04 President Bush signed a federal law which imposes MANDATORY PRISON TIME for all ID theft crimes. Details.

Not in alphabetical or chronological order:

Jeremy Geddis
< This person used stolen bank info to get ChecksNet on 3/30/02. On 4/2/02 James Laurence Wilson (a/k/a Jeremy Geddis, John Avgoustiou and George Williams) was arrested by Secret Service. On June 20, 2002, he was sentenced to 33 months in prison for Identification Fraud and ordered to pay restitution to all known victims including $159.32 to Glenn Welt. As of November 2006, the court has forwarded full restitution on behalf of Mr. Wilson.
James P. Maguire < Person was arrested by the FBI for using ChecksNet to deposit unauthorized bank drafts, which is check fraud. As of December 2004, this person has been linked to 2 businesses using the names IBS, JM&M and may have also been using the name Jacque May of Palm Harbor FL.
Scott Wolfer 734-604-5181 3652 SE 32 Ave, Portland OR 97202
< Person who answers the phone# claims ID was stolen and cellphone# was ported (moved) to another phone. Person(s) posing as Scott Wolfer fraudulently obtained ChecksNet Software, ChecksForms & MICR cartridge C9700A .
Nina Matten a/k/a Amy Reed, Tucson AZ at 520-971-3156 using and . < Person is using stolen Wells Fargo Bank account information belonging to a business called Trees by Mike. Based on information we received, we believe this person is attempting to pass bad checks at retailers in the Tucson area. If you have information about this person, contact Detective Yerhart, Tucson Police 520-791-4499 X 1716
Morgan Momo, Euless TX a/k/a irie Computers, Inc. 817-793-9903 & 817-571-3724 <Person(s) posing as Morgan Momo fraudulently obtained ChecksNet Software using what appears to be stolen Comerica Bank account information
Alphonzo E. Baylor Jr., Charleston SC * < Has stolen Software
Michele Robinson, Kilgore TX a/k/a Shekinah Curriculum Cellar * < Has stolen software
James Monroe (202) 253-8265 < Attempted to place order using stolen bank information
Lora Martinolioch * < "  
Lee Kingen * < "
Archie Ford * < "
Philip K Rawlings *
< "
J SOlle and * < "
John R. Thackeray * < "
Tom Blaine * < "
Gerald Lehy * < "
Robert Schmidt* < "
Kristine Wassuman
* < "
Brandon Bergmark * < "
Michael Thierman or Ron Nadon *
< "
Dean Miller *   < "
John Avgoustiou
< James Laurence Wilson convicted 6/20/02 of Identification Fraud (see next listing below)
Ramin Samimi * < Attempted to place order using stolen bank information
Shane Allen < no such email address
Mina Gawly * < Fraud investigation by US Bank
Will Brown * < Attempted to place order using stolen bank information
Kelvin Johnson * < "
Mordy Koslovsky * < " NOTE: The REAL Mordy Koslovsky in New York from Mordy Koslovsky Bookkeeping & Tax Services is the victim and this is not his real email address
Dr. Jeffrey Sobel * < "
Susan Kaminski * < "
Michael Thompson * < "
James Testa* < "
Deidre Chattan* < ID & check theft confirmed 10/4/02
James Lawton II* < Attempted to place order using stolen bank information
Deondrae Dunn* < "
Mark Anderson < "
Rick Rochford
Randy Harden
< This person has felony charge(s) filed. He deposited $thousands in fake bank drafts at Bank of America & U.S. Bank in Nevada. His brother, Hubert Harden is a known accomplice. The Harden brothers may also have victims in the Los Angeles,CA and Anchorage,AK areas. One of Randy's victims reported to us 10/02 that he may be hiding at his mother's home in Los Angeles: 1053 W 109 PL, LA CA 323-418-8150
May Anderson * < Attempted to place order using stolen bank information
Ray Williams * < This person has stolen copy of ChecksNet Standard and may be using it to commit further crimes. May also be using name of Aaron Byrd at (770) 438-2137.
Mark Laine * < Attempted to place order using stolen bank information
Heidi Rosenfarb * < Person with this email address using Heidi's stolen ID and bank info
Micheal Lee < Attempted to place order using stolen bank information
Joy Rothholtz * < Person with this email attempted to place 2 orders using bogus bank information a/k/a < Person with this email attempted to place orders using stolen bank information
Don Furman <Attempted to place a rush order using bank account with insufficient funds. When we uncovered this fact, suspect phoned us from 319-338-3169 in Iowa City, IA on 12/31/04 and said he knew funds were not available but placed the order under duress.
Philip Warren a/k/a Lamin Mara < Attempted to place order using fraudulent bank information
Alma Baez a/k/a Nathan L. Weber < Attempted to place order using fraudulent bank information
David 817-460-3428 <Attempted to place orders in 2004 and 2005 using what appears to be same stolen Saigon-Taipei Market ID and Wells Fargo account bank information.
Zachary Burkes < Attempted to place orders 3/14/05 and 3/28/05 using bank accounts with insufficient funds. Suspect phoned us from 818-448-5923 and may also be using 323-947-8547. Suspect wanted software kit shipped to 7817 Lankershim Blvd, N Hollywood CA 91605. Suspect tried again on 4/9/06 This time wanted to use a Washington Mutual account but said he didn't have the account #.
Joe Havatian a/k/a Evelyn Williams a/k/a Coggan < Placed 7/20/05 order using someone else's bank account at JP Morgan Chase Bank under the assumed name of Excellence Services, 100A Walnut, #701, Champlain NY 12919. Suspect receives stolen property at 5180 Gatineau, #179, Montreal QB H3T1W9 using 514-568-9908 which appears to be a disconnnected throw-away cellphone. Suspect may be working under another name at Corporate Wealth Management a/k/a in Canada or may have a co-conspirator working there. Suspect(s) may be in possession of stolen ChecksNet Software, gray ChecksForms, Hp 1012 laser printer and MICR toner cartridges. Any information on suspect(s) should be reported to the Montreal Police.
William Snyder a/k/a N. Nitton < Placed 4/28/06 order using a closed bank account at Wachovia Bank. Suspect may be using the business name E Mini Holding Corp and receiving stolen goods at 6873 Douglas Blvd, Suite 208, Granite Bay CA 95746. Suspect has access to 916-484-4100 and 760-845-0099.
Deen Ahmed d/b/a Delta One Tech
514-824-3336 using bogus TD Canada Trust Bank accounts to pass bad checks. Any information on suspect should be reported to Broussard Police in Quebec. Last known addresses: 3705 Avenue Colomb Apt 202 and 5612 Alain St.. Has stolen/unpaid copy of ChecksNet 12 Software obtained 7/16/07.
William and Nicole Bonchosky d/b/a Paint It Now,
Henderson NV 702-467-8441 & 702-468-1407 issuing bad checks. Has a MICR cartridge for Okidata C5800 obtained 7/30/07. Known to associate with person or persons located at 4600 E. Sunset Rd in Henderson NV. Criminal activity related to these suspects should be reported to Henderson Police, Henderson, Nevada.
Kelver, Valerie
4455 Powell Ave, Las Vegas NV 89121 702-456-9799 & 702-528-4161. Theft of $110 computer parts and labor


RICHARD GOMEZ , 5956 State Rd, Suite 2064, Bakersfield CA 93308, 820-203-5491$677.71 bank draft bounced on Wells Fargo Bank account # 7461458288. On 7/17/2022 suspect purchased a toner cartridge for printing checks. When we suspected fraud, we asked suspect for copy of his ESQUISITE AUTO SALES business license. He sent us expired Bakersfield California business #G27064, so order was not shipped and was voided on 7/20/2022 when bank draft was returned unpaid. Suspect has not contacted us since. IP address of device he uses is on internet.

MICHAEL WARN, 5247 Wilson Mills Road, Box 533, Richmond Heights, OH 44143, 216-904-7095 , $710.61 credit card payment was disputed by suspect who claimed the transaction is as an unauthorized charge. If that is true, this may also be a case of identity theft, meaning the real Michael Warn is also a victim. ChecksNet has voicemail recordings of the suspect dated 4/9/2019 and 4/27/2018. On 4/18/2019 suspect purchased a toner cartridge for printing checks which he received on 4/27/2018. Detective Greg Patterson of Richmond Heights Police was contacted at 216-486-1234 on 5/8/2018. Suspect's billing and delivery address is a rental mailbox at a PostalAnnex retail store.

LESLIE ANNE FERGUSON, 953 Clipper Drive, Henderson, NV 89015, 702-788-9647, 02/27/1987 $366.43 pre-authorized bank draft was returned (unpaid). Suspect purchased andf received a laser printer and toner cartridge on 10/12/2017 for printing checks. Clark County District Attorney's Office has issued a criminal warrant for her arrest for the issuance of a bad check. This is an Active Warrant as of 4/5/2018. Bail has been set at $3,000. If you know the location of Leslie A Ferguson, report to Henderson Municipal Court Warrant Tip line at

Lisa Marie Burton (believed to currently reside in Center Harbor, NH) Acting as Senior Credit Collections Rep, suspect purchased and received ChecksNet Software on 3/4/2013 for Granite Telecommunications, 100 Newport Avenue Extension, Quincy MA 02171, 617-532-7456. $2500 pre-authorized bank draft was returned (unpaid) so both suspect and Granite Telecommunications failed to pay for software received (downloaded seven times to computers at Granite Telecommunications by employees and an IT Group). Civil and criminal charges are pending further investigation. Customers of Granite Telecommunications are advised to contact Brian R. Marinelli, Senior Associate Corporate Counsel 781-884-5291 , Michael Galvin or Paul Curran, Credit Manager before authorizing any payments to Granite Telecommunications by bank draft because their license to use ChecksNet Software was suspended on 3/14/2013, which makes any future use illegal.

Circuits & Things, 5225 N. Somerset Lane, Alpharetta, GA 30004, 678-395-5939, Andrew Shoemaker , Mary Lacey. Suspects purchased ChecksNet Software with Online Payment Page on 8/4/2011. Since that date, ChecksNet received numerous complaints from Circuits & Things customers who never received merchandise from that merchant and were unable to contact the merchant. ChecksNet suspended the Circuits & Things online payment page due to suspected fraudulent activity and failure to pay for additional ChecksNet services that were rendered. It is believed that Andrew Shoemaker operates from Australia using a computer with the IP address of and that same suspects may be linked to other businesses using the names Digital Cadence and Symiron LLC in Delaware. Circuits & Things customers have been advised to do a stop payment if they did not receive their merchandise. Suspects continued to process customer payments at using stolen ChecksNet code and images. As of December 8, 2011, their entire website was suspended but we suggest closing your bank account (get a new one) if you ever gave them your account information.

Beverly Sawyer, 291 Park Drive, Mars Hill NC 28754, 828-206-4020,, , , d/b/a True Vista, LLC, PO Box 848, Mars Hill NC 28754 $319.37 Theft of Property & Services
<Stopped payment after receiving ChecksNet 16 Software. Suspect may also be using this software and an older stolen version of ChecksNet at Cancer Care of Western North Carolina. Matter forwarded to Mars Hill Police Dept.

Gayle Stansell ,
Trent Pearson, Heather Sipes
, d/b/a Office Specialists,143 E. Ferris St, Galesburg, IL 61401, 309-342-7719 and 1250 W Carl Sandburg Dr 309-343-4681,204 Lk St 309-341-3196, 1033 Northwood Dr 309-344-5548 , , $317.36 Theft of Services. <Received goods & services as ordered, used the goods, told credit card issuer they were entitled to a full refund. Matter has been forwarded to Galesburg Police Dept.

Elizabeth G Bortolotti,
3319 N 112th Ave, Avondale, Az 85323, 480-392-9527 < Placed order 5/5/2012 for a Samsung laser printer and MICR toner cartridge using a bank account at Bank of America with insufficient funds.Suspect may be using the business name and receiving stolen goods at Ballers Only 5958 W Townley Ave, Glendale, Az 85302

Charles Riley d/b/a Mr. Shine Car Care Center,706 12 St, W. Columbia SC 29169, 803-739-2957and 803-479-7167,
Suspect illegally obtained and has posession of a MICR toner cartridge on 12/31/09 for a Lexmark E260 printer and may be using it to commit other criminal offenses.

Chesley Elkins d/b/a Preventive Pest Control, 5224 2 St, NW Suite B, Albuquerque NM 87107, 505-792-8380, . Suspect believed to have illegally obtained and used ChecksNet Software

Bassam Quraan and Karen Zelden at 4201 Seagate Ave, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn NY 11224 212-920-6671, 347-328-3078, 718-909-4195, Suspect ordered Dell1720 printer, MICR toner cartridge and ChecksNet Software on 1/31/08 for delivery on 2/2/08. Bassam Quraan paid $846.02 for merchandise and delivery using VISA credit card #4800137201900101. Express Mail package was delivered & signed for on 2/2/08 by Karen Zelden. VISA confirmed that Karen Zelden is primary cardholder on account and Bassam Quraan is authorized signer on same VISA account. After receiving and using the merchandise, suspects contacted VISA, disputed the credit card charge and signed an Affidavit indicating they never ordered or received said merchandise. Based on their fraudulent claim to VISA, suspects may be using the software and printer to perpetrate other criminal activity.

Person identifying herself as Jacqueline Blackwell calling from 410-764-5676 (Caller ID said Leroy Blackwell) and using placed phone order 5/14/08 for MICR Toner cartridge and ChecksForms using a stolen MasterCard. Suspect wanted goods delivered to Joseph Timberlake, 4935 Russell Ave. N., Minneapolis MN 55430 on 5/15/08.

Albert Walmer, 42 Vanna Ct, Orlando FL 32807 407-437-8228 a/k/a David Ungate 214-672-3823 and known association with Tuffy Tires & Auto Service, 10742 US Hwy 441, Leesburg, FL 34788 352-742-9900 & 352-742-9907 using
Suspect ordered MICR toner cartridge to print checks with an Hp P1006 laser printer on 5/23/08. Suspect requested and agreed to pay for Next Day shipment by FedEx on 5/24/08. After 6 days in his possession, suspect returned empty used cartridge without return authorization, shipped it freight collect without authorization and stopped payment. Although we successfully collected payment in full, based on emails and voluntarily recorded phone message threats, suspect should be approached with caution.
UPDATE: According to a news story, Albert Walmer has been arrested several times and continued to commit ID theft crimes even after being jailed. If you have any information regarding any illegal activities involving this convicted criminal, contact Detective Thomas at 352-324-2030

Arrests & prosecutions of toner cartridge competitors:

Laser Cartridge Plus owners Derek and Danita Willis, 49 and 35, respectively, of Russellville, Arkansas, pleaded guilty to taking part in a scheme, between January 2006 and January 2012 that defrauded the City of Philadelphia out of more than $1 million. Sentencing hearing is scheduled for 10/10/2014. Derek Willis faces maximum possible sentence of 120 years imprisonment, maximum fine of $2.25 million. Danita Willis faces maximum possible sentence of 110 years imprisonment, maximum fine of $1.75 million. Case was investigated by FBI.


MICR Toner International is misleading the public by advertising toner cartridges as if they contain MICR toner that meets international banking specifictions when in fact, they are selling cartridges which contain toner that DOES NOT PASS MICR TESTING. We have evidence of this fact. Federal and other charges may be filed against MICR Toner International.

Updates will be posted here as we confirm successful "stings", convictions or other changes to information above.

If you have been victimized by any of these people/businesses
or have pertinent information about illegal activites associated with any of them,
please contact your local police, local FBI, and us.

* Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest & conviction of these persons should contact local law enforcement or one of the other appropriate agencies listed below:
Secret Service

US Goverment Identity Theft Website

As one Illinois detective told us, "Criminals aren't smart.
If they were, they'd be able to find honest ways to make money."

Above all, we respect the privacy of honest individuals, businesses and financial institutions that have trusted us with their banking and credit card information FOR 58 YEARS. We do everything possible to protect personal and account information. NONE of our customer account numbers data is retained on any internet server or at outside security companies which have been repeatedly victimized. Unlike many internet merchants and for further protection of our clients, our transactions database is not linked to ANY site on the internet.

*Information indicates identity theft and stolen bank account or credit card information

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