Your internet service business can easily automate your sales & payment process with ChecksNet and Softwares.

will build your order/payment web page in minutes. You don't have to write any HTML or javascripts. Simply answer a series of questions and click MAKE ORDER PAGE. Post the page to your website and you're done. Here's an example of an order page that took minutes to create:

DialYourWeb Order Page

Internet service providers in the USA and Canada are using ChecksNet. USA businesses can now deposit drafts drawn on Canadian customers without any special paperwork, due to recent improvements in banking between the two countries. The only difference is that you must type "PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS." ChecksNet has an empty field box right below the dollar amount where you type this in.

Printing bank drafts. You can use your existing inkjet or laser printer. However we strongly suggest you use ONLY a laser printer with MICR toner for the following reasons:

1. Some banks will not process checks or bank drafts or may charge up to $7 each if they are not printed with magnetic toner.
2. Our MICR toner cartridges are the most economical and reliable. We fill cartridges to their maximum capacity (unlike most manufacturers and other sources who want to sell you many cartridges).
3. ChecksNet can also make busines or wallet-size checks for you and your business. With the magnetic toner, you'll be able to cash these checks anywhere because they'll be readable by the scanners at retailers.
4. Checks without magnetic toner usually result in bank statements without check numbers, which makes reconciling much more difficult.

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